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A breakdown or glitch during a vital transaction can be difficult to fix, possibly resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenue and not forget, harming customer trust and experience. Ensuring the functionality of software or mobile app through rigorous testing is paramount to ensure swift rollouts and to maintain seamless business operations.

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As businesses increasingly depend on advanced technologies to deliver their offerings, the burden on IT keeps on bulging in our ever-evolving 24/7 connected world. It’s imperative that IT services be prompt, smooth, flawless, and economical with key focus on improving user experience.

Managed Testing Services: An Overview

Yet, achieving this degree of reliability poses challenges for many enterprises:

  • Many are looking towards IT modernization, highlighting the need for cost-effective transformation solutions.
  • Factors like tech innovations, regional focuses, and industry-specific needs shape the future investments in Quality Assurance (QA) or QA and testing services.
  • Many businesses haven’t fully tapped into the potential of Testing Centers of Excellence (TCOEs) or testing CoE framework.
  • There is a struggle in QA to link outcomes with business objectives and measure the impact of defects once they hit production.
  • Often, QA and testing services don’t get the spotlight in business operations, leading to limited or stretched testing resources.
  • Specialized testing environments, like end-to-end multi-system testing, come at a high cost.
  • Heavy dependence on software developers can lead to issues once the software/app goes live.
  • Businesses are facing growing demands, especially when it comes to launching software and/or mobile apps correctly the first time.

Further intensifying these technical aspects are overarching business drivers like the quest for amplified productivity, reduced time-to-market, cost-efficiency, and compliance with current laws and norms, all of which amplify the focus on QA and testing services.  

Avisys boasts a strength in testing with hundreds of professional and certified testers and individuals. We’ve crafted our proprietary testing TCoE framework serving a diverse clientele spanning across various sectors.

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4 cornerstones of Avisys Services

Sharing the Risks with a Dependable Testing Partner

Avisys’ Managed Testing CoE Services offer a comprehensive solution to prominent testing challenges. We provide the structure, processes, resources, and environments necessary for superior outcomes and reliable cutting-edge software that consistently delivers. Avisys Testing CoE services present a tailored end-to-end service, assuming accountability for testing at multiple levels. Their adaptable teams, trained in a variety of tech domains and stationed at global Testing Centers of Excellence, can be adjusted based on demand, addressing the common problem of resource fluctuations.

Avisys’ Testing CoE framework embodies a cooperative strategy for sourcing robust QA and testing services and solutions. It’s the go-to armor for those aiming to revamp their testing operations, realize superior quality systems economically, shed daily overheads and responsibilities, all without compromising on overall control.

The Essentials of Managed Testing Services

Our testing CoE framework is a perfect nexus of people, process and technology.

  • Integrated Testing Solution

Our testing CoE services and solutions effectively merge elements like innovation, intellectual property, industrial insights, industry knowledge, and scalability, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Avisys Testing CoE Framework & Approach

Central to our Avisys testing CoE services is our testing CoE framework – a business-centric, risk-driven methodology for advanced software testing. This approach tackles your primary concerns related to quality, time, and cost throughout the development cycle. Adopted as a benchmark in our test centers, Avisys testing CoE framework (ATCoE) integrates client insights, industry standards, and scalable advantages, all synchronized with business goals.

Avisys Testing Center of Excellence
Avisys Testing Center of Excellence (ATCoE)
  • Leadership in Cost Transformation

Through significant investments in the latest tools and domain expertise, we’ve revolutionized our transformation solutions. Our approach to cost transformation fosters sustainable cost reductions and quality enhancements by transforming work dynamics— emphasizing test automation, methodologies, tools, processes, and comprehensive training. 

  • Essence of Managed Testing Services

For instance, our model-based testing CoE services leverage a unique approach aimed at speeding up test script creation. It allows users to define the testing system using process models, which in turn automate test case generation. Leveraging model-based testing, skilled testers can decrease testing timeframes by up to 30%.

  • Cutting-Edge Industrialization

Our testing CoE framework blends business-focused test management procedures with test automation structures, tools, and test bench solutions. These accelerators are universally applicable and tailored to specific industry needs.

  • Innovation

Innovation lies at our core. Our dedicated Innovation testing labs in Australia, India, and Bahrain lead industry-specific research efforts. We’ve crafted tools and reusable accelerators, including model-based testing, test automation platforms, performance testing services, and more. These solutions are especially crafted to tackle specific client testing hurdles and instill best practices.

For sectors with unique quality challenges like telecom industry, our innovation testing CoE services experts’ collaborate with tech partners and leverage the best-in-class tools to develop specialized managed testing services and solutions. These solutions give our clients an up to 40% advantage in test setup and execution.

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Robust testing methodologies carried out by top-tier testing experts, who possess extensive domain knowledge and practical experience with tools like Jira, HP QC, UFT, Selenium, JMeter, and more. This blend of methodology and tooling expedites test strategy formation, consistent execution, and paves the way for automated testing, reporting, and teamwork—essential for identifying and addressing business risks.

  • Dedicated and Adaptable Resources

A dedicated team is assigned to your business to harness and reuse amassed testing knowledge. This team, adaptable in size, is equipped to provide expertise across various technologies, effectively addressing any testing resource constraints.

  • Industry-Specific Expertise

Our extensive managed testing services cover multiple industries, including finance, telecoms, public sector, manufacturing, utilities, and more. By merging technical expertise with business insights, we swiftly pinpoint and deliver precise solutions.

  • Global Delivery Model

Our global delivery model utilizes multiple onshore and offshore centers, including facilities in Australia, Bahrain and India. This model offers the perfect blend of agile POD software development options with scalable expertise, all while being cost-effective. Our agile POD services ensure a seamless collaboration across all locations, utilizing standardized processes and collaborative tools to maximize your business outcomes.

Journey to Managed Testing Services

Adopting managed testing services is a dynamic digital transformation journey that can be tailored to your business’s rhythm, ensuring that the use of testing CoE services align with your evolving and dynamic requirements.

For every client, our testing approach encompasses the following landmarks:

  • Business Justification: This ensures the proposed solution resonates with organizational objectives, promising significant business value.
  • In-depth Review: This pinpoints potential KPI objectives and key transformation milestones.
  • Transition Phase: This involves establishing demand control and approval procedures, initiating a test line, and kick starting the initial projects.  
  • Operations and Innovations: Here, we take complete charge of all domains and systems. The inauguration of preliminary innovation initiatives and deriving early beneficial outcomes. Persistent KPI monitoring contributes to further diminishing test expenses and leading times for test activities.
  • Clearly Defined Exit Plan: A structured plan in the event the contract isn’t extended.

Tailored Services Evaluated by Results

Each service offering revolves around business needs, gauged by client-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs correlate directly with business goals and comprise detailed KPIs that are rigorously supervised, assessed, and consistently enhanced. These include:

  • Cost Efficiency: Striving for a reduced budget allocation for testing.
  • Test Excellence: Enhancing the detection rate for defects, especially of high severity.
  • Adaptability: Ability to scale up or down our testing capability within predetermined timeframes.
  • Speed and Dependability: Assuring test outcomes are delivered within established project timeframes.
  • Innovative Approach: Suggesting and applying enterprise-grade technologies to boost performance metrics.
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Comprehensive Test Service Model

Bolstered by an array of test instruments, groundbreaking accelerators, and test platforms, our managed testing services comprise functional testing services (system tests, acceptance, regression, E2E tests), non-functional evaluations (performance testing services, load and stress, security, usability testing services), API testing services and specialized test operations (test automation, test environment management).

Avisys Application Testing Services

Stages Overview:

Phase 1 – Business Justification

  • Preliminary assessment: Business/IT goals, present challenges, scope, roles, readiness review.
  • Preliminary solutions considering cost-benefits.
  • Final decision to proceed.

Phase 2 – In-depth Review

  • Establishing a baseline: Test procedures, environment, tools, capabilities, organizational structure, roles, and transition priority.
  • Workshops for KPIs/SLAs, demand-supply, and service maturity model.
  • Selection of partners.

Phase 3 – Transition Phase

  • Supplier process: Proof of concept, core team initiation, knowledge sharing, procedural operations, preparing test environment, project timeline.
  • Demander process: Forecasts, engagement requisitions, approvals. 

Phase 4 – Operations & Governance

Operations and oversight: Business-centric testing, industrialized methods, task distribution, enhancement, KPI administration, performance reviews, SLA assessments, steering committee involvement.  

Phase 5 – Exit Strategy

  • Procedures: Exit roadmap, exit team assembly, reverting knowledge transfer.
  • Business justification.
  • High-level strategy.
  • Revise business justification.
  • Transition blueprint.
  • KPIs/SLAs.
  • Amend business justification.
  • Service contract.
  • Generic test agreement.
  • Test organization, tested systems, test tools, SLA reports, improvement plans, exit blueprint, knowledge transfer back.

Avisys CoE: Tangible Benefits

Our managed testing services not only ensure cost efficiency but also guarantee tangible enhancements in testing quality, methodologies, outputs, outcomes, and the adaptability of testing operations.

Distinct Advantages of our Managed Testing Services:   

  • Cost-Effective Testing CoE services: Through an ideal mix of local and offshore execution, you can anticipate cost reductions of a minimum of 25%.
  • Consistent Best Practices: With the appropriate conditions, there’s potential for up to a 30% reduction in the total testing workload.
  • Precision & Quality Upgrades: It’s possible to attain proven detection rates of 97% or even more for critical defects.
  • Speedier Time-to-Market: Expect an improvement of at least 15% and heightened clarity in your testing methodologies and practices.
  • Adaptable Resource Allocation: The service offers a pool of proficient resources, ready to meet growing demands from your enterprise.
  • Knowledge Transmission: Expertise and a quality-oriented perspective are infused into your company, ensuring uniform quality management across various supplier settings.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Stay ahead with continuous refinement and pioneering techniques like Cloud Testing and Virtualization to retain and heighten your market standing.

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Why Choose Avisys Services for Managed Testing Services?

  • Rich Experience and Domain Proficiency: Our legacy in managed testing services extends over two decades, solidifying our unmatched expertise especially in sectors like financial services, telecoms, and government. More than 500 diverse industry clients rely on our unwavering consistency.
  • Specialized Talent Pool: Boasting one of the industry’s largest specialized testing units, we provide expert global delivery. With over 8,200 dedicated test professionals globally, we can mobilize up hundreds of application testers as and when required.  
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing: Regularly integrating and testing code changes to spot issues early.
  • Global Outreach: Our delivery capability spans the globe with flexible managed testing resources. We perfectly complement dedicated onshore/onsite client teams with a robust offshore capability, ensuring round-the-clock operations.
  • Premier Intellectual Assets: Avisys’ TCoE framework is recognized as the gold standard for structured testing CoE services. Best-in-class test process evaluation and enhancement.
  • Quality: Rapid deployment with market-intelligence benchmarking using our innovative testing CoE framework and techniques. Insights derived from over 400 global organizations, highlighting trends in testing technologies, strategies, organizational structures, outsourcing, and financial factors.

Commitment to Innovative Testing

We channel significant resources into pioneering testing methodologies and champion industry-focused R&D through our managed testing services.

Structured and Calculated Progression

Our risk-averse and validated approach to test sourcing provides flexibility in determining the level of test management oversight you retain or assign to a seasoned provider.

Alliance with Industry Leaders  

Collaborating with global tech giants, we leverage their top-tier testing software solutions and tools to optimize client service delivery.  


In today’s fast-paced technological world, ensuring seamless and flawless software operations is paramount. Addressing a variety of modern testing challenges, Avisys’ Managed Testing CoE Services suite offers a comprehensive, global, and economical solution that integrates the perfect blend of people, process, and technology. With Avisys, businesses can realize tangible benefits like cost efficiency, high detection rates for critical defects, swifter time-to-market, and continuous improvement – all crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and delivering unmatched user experience.

Don’t leave the success of your software to chance. Partner with Avisys and harness the power of cutting-edge managed testing services.

Experience quality, efficiency, and innovation firsthand – Contact Avisys today!

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