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The telecom industry is in an era of rapid evolution, characterized by network upgrades transitioning from 3G and 4G to the promising 5G and 6G. Along with this technological evolution, the telecom ecosystem is embracing digitization and integrating new applications, thereby adding to its complexity. Telcos are keen to meet new requirements to sustain and expand their customer base through appealing services, thus driving contributing to the bottom-line i.e. surge in revenue.

However, this technological revolution brings forth the challenge of effective and thorough testing of the new integrations. This task proves challenging due to the lack of synergy in the process and tools utilized by different teams, as well as the necessity for proper governance with well-defined escalation, reporting, and tracking mechanisms.

Avisys Services is bridging this gap with its Telecom Testing Center of Excellence (ATCoE).

ATCoE: Avisys’ Answer to Telecom Testing

Avisys Independent Test Services

The Avisys Testing Coe Framework, designed by Avisys Services, introduces a systematic approach to testing controls and standards, defining, implementing, and measuring them at a centralized level. The framework caters to multiple customer service deliveries by providing resources with domain expertise on Telecom BSS/OSS, implementing robust processes across various projects, and assembling teams proficient in Functional and Non-functional testing tools.

“Our Testing CoE services are not just a solution, but a coming-of-age nexus of people, process and technology revolutionizing the telecom industry. We believe in our skilled resources, our robust processes, and our cutting-edge tools, all working in tandem to transform the telecom QA and Testing services landscape.”

says Mr. Harshvardhan Kumar, CEO of Avisys Services.

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This centralized approach overcomes the traditional challenges of disjointed teams and fragmented testing processes. It ensures that all telecom testing is managed in a harmonious, standardized manner, eliminating inefficiencies and boosting quality assurance.

In addition, Avisys Testing CoE framework has developed various proprietary tools and features that reduce execution time by 40%. It has also established a knowledge bank of reusable test cases that can be quickly referred to and plugged into projects, thus minimizing the time spent on test design.

The Avisys Testing CoE Framework Effect: A Case Study

Avisys Testing CoE services suite was put to the test when a telecom client needed assistance in ramping up their team with skilled telecom domain testing knowledge, implementing a governance model, and accelerating their delivery cycle using automation tools.

Avisys Testing CoE framework

Avisys Testing CoE framework groomed 20+ offshore resources in various Telecom applications, designed templates for preparing strategies and plans, and implemented a demand management process. It also established a measurement framework for team improvement based on defined SLA and KPI. Finally, our managed testing services team automated functionality using a mix of in-house utilities and open-source tools. As a result, ATCoE was the only vendor providing independent managed testing services for that operator.

The Way Forward

A Telecom Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is crucial for telcos seeking to improve their service quality and enhance the customer experience. Avisys Services’ TCoE offers an all-encompassing solution that includes a centralized managed testing services team, standardized performance and API testing processes, test automation, test metrics, and continuous training.

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With the help of Avisys Services’ Telecom Testing CoE services, telecom companies can attain higher service quality and better market penetration, reduce time-to-market, save costs, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction.

Ready to enhance your telecom services and operations and elevate customer experience, get in touch with our telco digital transformation consulting services expert today.

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