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With the escalating competition in the telecommunications sector, ensuring stellar service quality has become a need of the hour for telecom organizations or telcos. Moreover, with a survey indicating that 73% of customers would switch providers due to unsatisfactory customer service or a bad customer experience, the emphasis on superior service quality was never this evident.

Statistics of bad customer experience
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Embracing the Telecom Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Telecom companies face a myriad of challenges in maintaining high-quality service delivery. The hurdles range from lack of standardized testing processes to inadequate testing resources and pressing time constraints. However, a solution in the form of a Telecom Testing CoE Framework or Telecom Center of Excellence (TCoE) has emerged as a beacon of hope for telecom organizations, aiming to tackle these challenges head-on.

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The Imperative Need for a TCoE in Telecom

Recent research underscored that a whopping 35% of telecom service disruptions are a direct result of subpar testing processes. The key challenges faced by telecom companies include:

  • Lack of Standardized Testing Processes: The absence of uniform testing processes often culminates in inconsistent test results, escalating the risk of service issues.
  • Inadequate Testing Resources, Tools and Technology: Limited resources in terms of personnel and tools can thwart a telco’s ability to efficaciously test services and pinpoint potential and underlying issues.
  • Time Constraints: Tight schedules can precipitate rushed testing processes, elevating the risk of service failures and customer discontent.

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Unveiling the Avisys’ Telecom Testing CoE Services (Center of Excellence)

Avisys steps into the scene with its cutting-edge Telecom testing CoE services and solutions encompassing a spectrum of managed testing services like advanced application testing services, API testing services, mobile app QA and testing services, usability testing services, and functional testing services. These testing CoE services are meticulously crafted to aid telecom organizations in establishing a robust testing infrastructure, streamlining testing processes, and amplifying service quality.

Components Underpinning a Successful Telecom TCoE

A powerful Telecom testing CoE framework is constructed on the bedrock of several pivotal components:

  • Centralized Testing Team: A cohesive unit of adept testers orchestrating and administering all testing endeavors across the organization, with a spotlight on telecom services.
  • Standardized Testing Processes: The adoption of uniform testing processes ensures consistent test results, minimizing the risk of service hitches.
  • Test Automation: Automating mundane testing tasks propels faster testing cycles and broadens test coverage, conserving both time and resources.
  • Test Metrics and Analytics: Monitoring and scrutinizing test metrics illuminates areas requiring enhancement, fueling continuous quality amelioration in telecom services.
  • Training and Skill Development: Ongoing training and skill augmentation ensure that testing teams are armed with the state-of-the-art testing tools, technologies and most importantly, with proven testing CoE framework and/or methodologies that are in line with the telecom domain.

Avisys’ Telecom testing CoE services have been a catalyst in reducing testing time and service disruptions by up to 40% for some of the prominent telecom organizations including STC through the infusion of test automation and standardized testing processes.

Download the STC Provisioning Case Study here

Reaping the Rewards of Avisys’ Telecom Testing CoE Services

  • Improved Service Quality: Telecom Testing CoE services empower telecom companies to attain elevated service quality through the application of standardized testing processes and the utilization of skilled testing resources.
  • Reduced Time-to-Market: Telecom testing CoE services accelerate service development and testing processes, heralding a swifter time-to-market.
  • Cost Savings: Optimizing testing processes and resources translates to substantial cost savings, especially enticing for emerging telcos.
  • Increased Test Coverage: Ensures exhaustive test coverage, diminishing the risk of unnoticed service issues and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement: With the aid of test metrics and analytics, Telecom Testing CoE services steer telecom companies towards ceaseless refinement in their testing processes and overarching service quality.
  • Enhanced & Sustained Customer Experience: Last but not the least, telecom testing CoE services elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved service quality, rapid issue resolution, and minimized service downtime.

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Avisys Services’ Telecom Testing CoE services emerge as an indispensable asset for telecom companies aspiring to augment their service quality and enrich customer experience. By leveraging Avisys’ Telecom Testing CoE framework, telecom companies can not only transcend in service quality but also achieve a faster time-to-market, cost savings, and an enhanced customer satisfaction quotient.

Don’t let subpar testing processes and resources derail your telecom company’s trajectory towards delivering unrivaled service quality and customer experience. Explore how our comprehensive telecom testing CoE services can revolutionize your telecom business by refining testing processes, curtailing costs, and fostering continuous improvement.

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