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Accelerating Modernization Of BSS/OSS Infrastructures

The rapid proliferation of 5G and increasing internet-based services in the competitive landscape of telecommunications are changing operational models. Communication Service Providers need avenues to reduce CAPEX and maintenance costs of legacy infrastructure, simultaneously adopting an edge in network infra, to seamlessly roll out 5G.

The need of the hour is a consolidated and transformed BSS/OSS and leaner telecom architecture, and Avisys is at the heart of supporting this modernization.

Highlights Of Avisys Expertise

  • Sector focused consulting to implement industry best practices, automation for overall cost reduction
  • Strong competency across Telecom BSS/OSS with expertise in various COTS products
  • Modernization of BSS/OSS, configuring architectures, business goals, solution overhaul/optimization
  • Multiple integrations and customizations of end to end telecom systems, architectural review & changes

Our Array Of Solutions

Bringing Value To Every Telecom Stakeholder

Our solutions are specifically created for communication service providers having different line of business like – mobile, fixed and converged networks.


Our Tower Of Expertise

  • Achieve as much as 50% OPEX reduction with Avisys
  • Improved time to market for new services, technology rollouts and integration
  • Expertise in various COTS products as well as into the modern digital transformation of BSS/OSS
  • Proven prowess across Lead to Cash (L2C), Concept to Market (C2N), Trouble to Resolve (T2R), Rapid Service and Order Management.

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Success Architected For Telecom Sector

Navigating Digital Disruption: A Telecom Case Study

A leading telecom company navigated its digital journey with Avisys.

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