Agile POD

Empowering Needs With
Capable Delivery Teams



Engaging The Best SMEs To Drive Better Outcomes

Enterprise stakeholders expect newer, simplified, and efficient ways to address project needs. Endorsing Agile PODs for product development, experience design, quality analysis, and other services have become a common practice in today’s business landscape.

At Avisys, this is a flexible and evolving engagement – equipping businesses with the needed expertise and speedy project delivery. Utilizing our PODS, you can expect an outcome-led and future-forward delivery model to develop the appropriate product solutions.

Our Client Success Squad

Right Sized Team Of Experts For The Right Needs

Diverse Roles

  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Product Lead
  • Business Analyst
  • Back-end Developer
  • Software Development Engineers and Testers
  • DevSecOps Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers

Combined Roles

  • Governance roles – Product Director and Product Owner
  • Coaching roles – Agile/DevOps Coach
  • Architects – Enterprise, Application, Data, Cloud, Security, etc.
  • Site/Service Reliability Engineering Specialists

Focus Areas

  • Agile Development
  • Cloud Solution Support
  • RPA, BPA, and Virtual Assistants
  • Quality Assessments
  • AI & Analytics Applications

CoE For Agile

On Demand Excellence & Agility Delivered

Advantage With Agile COE
Practice Orgwide Process Maturity
With Structured Surveys, Structured Risk Handling, Cross Team Retrospective, Process Modelling make processes more stable, efficient and gives a better ROI.
Coaching and Guidance
Our center of excellence provides end to end guidance to make your enterprise agile through Regular Coaching, Webinars, Newsletters, Reference Document & Frameworks Library.
Our Agile Community
Our talent pool have experienced Agile experts that consists of Architects, PMO, Scrum Masters, BA & QA Engineers
Organization Goal Mapping
With well defined KPIs and KRAs periodic measure the performance against defined SLAs
Service Flexibility
We empower your needs with Structured Practices & Delivery Frameworks with respective pool of Skills.

Business Value

Accelerating Excellence, Growth, And Effectiveness

Improved Service Delivery

The sense of ownership and flexibility of pod members sharpens their ability to interpret requirements backed by their deep subject expertise and industry experience. Ultimately, this allows the team to provide superior service.

Significantly Raise In Quality

With each member of the pod held accountable, the resulting productivity radar enhanced significantly, which was previously unnoticed in a traditional structure. Each pod collaborates with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied throughout the journey.

Agile Methodology Compliance

Agile delivery necessitates cross-functional and self-organized teams working together. This is the cornerstone of a pod structure, where independent and collaborative efforts bear fruit. Pod culture empowers the entity to approach every decision from the point of view of the entire team.

Minimal Friction In The Process

As everyone is connected from beginning to end, they interact and empathize with one another. This eliminates information silos and a connected team that will seamlessly carry out the best in every delivery.


Team members from distinct pods can work on separate goals without interrupting the overall structure. They are self-contained teams that continue to engage in other projects rather than being dormant.

Better Demand Management

Agile pods helps your projects with Optimized Planning, Talent Pool with ready to use tools and frameworks. Mitigate risks with demand management and increase the ROI.

Experience The Best Way To Address Needs With A POD Engagement

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