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Avisys is super excited to participate in NASSCOM 2023 to drive Business Investment Opportunities in Melbourne Adelaide Sydney Australia. The event has already created hype and ignited sparks among business owners and investors. We will be helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey by helping them embrace evolving technologies.

Feel free to meet the Avisys leadership team at NASSCOM 2023 and learn how we can help businesses determine their supreme potential by leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies.

It is a moment of pride for us to be here at the NASSCOM 2023 in Australia aimed to strengthen the Australia-India strategic partnership. I welcome all valued business entities who are coming to the event and hope this event turns out to be a huge success in promoting digital transformation as a whole. Avisys is dedicated to provide bespoke solutions including 5G, automation, data analysis, edge computing and digital platforms and tools to create a seamless end-user experience and catalyze overall digital transformation. We look forward to empowering businesses across the nation.

CEO Avisys, Mr. Harshvardhan Kumar

Avisys Transforming Businesses Ecosystem

Our DX leadership team takes great pride in bringing digital innovation to the forefront at the NASSCOM 2023 in Australia. We can’t wait to meet enterprises and share our bespoke solutions to transform their operations by assisting them to embrace new-age technologies.

Here’s a quick glance at our capabilities:


We have been empowering telcos with cutting-edge and emerging digital technologies to help them offer frictionless digital experiences to their end customers. In order to assist telcos in adopting best practices and automation, we provide telecom-sector focused digital solutions and consulting services. We have great expertise throughout telecom BSS/OSS and in a variety of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solutions that help to develop lighter telecom architecture to accommodate updated integrated business and operational support systems.

Telecom solutions we offer include:

  • 5G Network Solutions
  • Network Signaling and Security
  • Enterprise Communication & Bulk Provisioning
  • Modernization of BSS/OSS
  • Integration and customization of end-to-end telecom systems

Transformation Consulting

Our concrete approach helps in assessing success enablers from various angles, including technology, IT strategy, governance, etc., and helps in the creation of a strategic roadmap for the success of a comprehensive transformation supported by cutting-edge technologies like cloud, RPA, big data, etc. We identify the opportunities and challenges that arise with digital disruption, assess your level of readiness to address them, and establish a strategy for digital transformation through our transformation consulting services.

Services offered:

  • DevOps
  • IoT
  • ML & AI
  • BI & Analytics

System Integration

We at Avisys stand unique for delivering integrated, end-to-end support along with cloud or on-premise operations. Our robust system integration services strategy provides a competitive edge while maintaining business agility. Connect segregated business solutions and stages in modern IT systems to replace legacy infrastructure.

System Integration services:

  • Cloud and Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Intelligent Automation Tech

Testing COE

One of the biggest problems that many organizations face is lack of precise understanding of the testing process. The Testing Center of Excellence at Avisys is a fantastic choice for ISVs and product developers seeking guaranteed QA and application reliability because of our committed employees, expert partner support, and cutting-edge application testing solutions.

Our testing services:

  • Advanced Application Testing
  • API Testing
  • Managed Testing Services
  • Mobile Application QA
  • Usability Testing
  • Functional Testing

Managed Services

Discover how Avisys can meet all of your IT requirements in one place through best-in-class managed services for maximum operational effectiveness and business scalability. Avisys is the solution to all your problems if you’re aiming to minimize IT setup and operational expenses, reduce business disruptions, enhance incidence response, and proactively monitor and administer IT systems.

Our wide array of managed services:

  • MSP Service & Support
  • Data Center/Network Administrative Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Application Managed Services
  • Enterprise System Management
  • IT Management Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • End User Computing Services
  • Monitoring & Support Management

Agile POD engagement

Avisys is bringing innovative and effective approaches at NASSCOM 2023 in Australia. Explore outcome-led future forward delivery model to create and launch market-ready solutions. Agile PODs for product development, experience design, quality analysis and other managed services.

Key focus areas:

  • Agile Development
  • Cloud Solution Support
  • RPA, BPA, and Virtual Assistants
  • Quality Assessments
  • AI & Analytics Applications

Solution Engineering

Avisys provides dynamic engineering solutions with user-friendly and specially crafted solutions for businesses to cut time-to-market, enhance decision-making, and increase scalability. We offer the technical know-how required to address any potential flaws in the solution architecture, planning, development, and execution that meet end-user requirements. For improved performance, lower costs, and a rapid delivery cycle, we at Avisys operate as an addition to your team.

Our solution engineering services include:

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Solution Structure Design
  • Reconfigure & Adjust


Empowering the strategic partnership between Australia and India, NASSCOM 2023 has emerged as a fantastic opportunity to support businesses in leveraging evolving technologies for resolving complex challenges. Avisys looks forward to assist you on your digital journey at NASSCOM 2023 Australia.

Talk to our technocrat and CEO Mr. Harshvardhan Kumar at NASSCOM 2023 Australia to see how we can accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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