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Discover how Avisys Services’ Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) tackled the challenges of performance testing for a leading video streaming platform. Dive deep into the intricacies of simulating real-world user scenarios and the solutions that ensured seamless streaming for thousands of users.

What’s Inside the Case Study?

  • Challenge: Understand the complexities of simulating on-demand and live streaming video scenarios.
  • Solution: Discover how Avisys Services’ TCoE crafted a performance testing framework using JMeter.
  • Results: Learn about the platform’s ability to handle thousands of logins and simultaneous video views without a hitch.
  • Conclusion: Gain insights into the importance of performance testing and the pivotal role of Avisys Services’ TCoE in ensuring platform reliability.

Why Should You Download?

  • Expertise: Benefit from Avisys Services’ deep domain knowledge in telecom and system integration.
  • Innovation: Learn about state-of-the-art application testing tools and methodologies.
  • Transformation: Understand how performance testing can revolutionize your platform’s user experience.

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