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Dive deep into our exclusive STC Fiber Automation Case Study and uncover how Avisys Services pioneered the automation journey for STC Bahrain, a dominant force in Bahrain’s telecommunications sector.

Within this case study, you will explore:

  • Introduction: Grasp the dynamics of the telecommunications sector in Bahrain and the hurdles encountered by its major stakeholders.
  • The Challenge: Understand the intricacies of the manual fiber order fulfilment process and its associated inefficiencies.
  • The Solution: Get an in-depth look at the end-to-end digital solution crafted and deployed by Avisys Services, integrating with BNET service provider rest APIs.
  • Benefits: Explore the tangible advantages realized by STC Bahrain post-implementation, from reduced fulfilment times to enhanced customer experiences.
  • Results: Witness the transformative impact of the project, including a 50% reduction in time to fulfilment and a 30% cost reduction.
  • About Avisys: Learn about Avisys’ global presence, its expertise in the telecom domain, and its commitment to delivering innovative solutions.

Why Should You Download This Case Study?

  • Insights: Acquire invaluable knowledge about the automation of fiber order fulfilment processes.
  • Strategies: Understand the tactics employed by industry frontrunners to amplify customer satisfaction.
  • Solutions: Identify answers to prevalent challenges in the telecommunications domain.
  • Expertise: Leverage Avisys Services’ profound domain expertise and vast experience.

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