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Did you know? A staggering 92% of customers switch to a different telecom provider due to service quality issues. This is why telecom companies or telcos ought to make sure that they deliver seamless and top-notch services to avoid customer dissatisfaction and reduce customer churn.

Telecom testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless and exceptional communication experiences for millions of users worldwide. The world of telecommunications relies heavily on rigorous testing methodologies to verify and validate the functionality, performance, and reliability of services such as voice, messaging, data, and much more.

In fact, telcos who invest in rigorous testing witness a remarkable 30% increase in customer satisfaction levels, says a Brain & Company report.

How OSS-BSS Testing Drives Success and Customer Satisfaction for Telcos?

OSS-BSS Testing
  • Where Customer Orders Meet Perfection!

Did you know that the OSS/BSS system is the hidden hero behind seamless telecom services? From handling customer orders to provisioning requests, this powerful system ensures that your telecom experience is nothing short of perfection! 

Did you know?

An astounding 87% of customers demand accurate and timely order fulfillment.

To ensure that these systems perform at their optimum best, telcos ought to ensure that these systems function and perform seamlessly and process customer orders accurately based on their preferences. Now this involves verifying that the systems can provision devices, data plans, and phone numbers based on a customer’s preferences. 

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  • Billing Bliss: Let OSS/BSS Supercharge Your Customer Experience!

Telecom OSS/BSS solutions play a critical role when it comes to handling and managing customer orders, billing and provisioning requests. Verifying that these systems accurately track customer usage data and churns out accurate bills is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and avoid revenue leakage. Here, the testing involves verifying that these systems can accurately gather as well as store customer data from various network elements and platforms. These systems should also leverage customer discounts and tariffs to calculate the final bills accurately.

  • Managing Complex Customer Scenarios

Telecom OSS/BSS systems manage complex user scenarios like international roaming, family plans, etc. These systems ought to identify family members correctly within a tariff plan and then track usage of each member. They should also accurately calculate the charges for roaming and apply appropriate promotions or discounts. Most importantly, telco BSS solutions need to handle all these scenarios without compromising on the accuracy of provisioning and billing. This is where OSS-BSS testing comes into play to manage complex customer scenarios seamlessly and accurately.

  • Providing Accurate Customer Data to Other Telecom Systems

It is essential to confirm that the telecom OSS/BSS system successfully offers precise and current customer data to other telecom systems, such as those involved in billing and network management. The OSS/BSS system’s capacity to seamlessly integrate with other systems and supply accurate data is crucial in preventing billing discrepancies and maintaining optimal network operation. Here, a fine mix of IT system integration services and QA and testing services for telcos focus on the accurate capture, processing, and distribution of customer data across various telco systems.

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  • Manage Multiple Simultaneous Transactions

The OSS/BSS system is a crucial element in the telecommunications industry that has to manage numerous transactions simultaneously. This system is tasked with facilitating a wide array of telecom services and should efficiently deal with a multitude of concurrent transactions without experiencing performance falloff or data loss. Ensuring this requires the need to employ the best-in-class performance testing services team that can test the system to a high volume of simultaneous transactions, to affirm it can process all accurately and promptly.

  • Ensuring Accurate and Timely Reporting Capabilities

The OSS/BSS system has a critical role in handling the business and operational facets of a telecommunications network, including the crucial task of supplying accurate and prompt reports to the management. These reports may encompass data on network performance, customer usage, revenue, among other significant metrics. In order to confirm that the telecom OSS/BSS system provides these accurate and timely reports, telcos ought to employ the best-of-breed testing CoE framework to ensure the system’s reporting abilities.

  • Protect Sensitive Customer Data

The security architecture of the OSS/BSS system is vital for safeguarding sensitive customer information. Various security evaluations such as vulnerability scans, penetration tests, and access control checks should be employed to ascertain the system’s protective security measures. The system ought to be tested to ensure it is correctly set up and adheres to security protocols and regulations. Telcos ought to employ market-winning API testing services to ensure that the system’s security architecture is robust enough to prevent unauthorized system access and breaches.

  • Manage Common Support Scenarios like Refunds and Account Cancellations

It is essential to confirm that the OSS/BSS system can competently manage frequent support situations such as refund requests and account cancellations, which is a critical component for telcos. The system must be capable of accurately processing these requests and updating the customer’s account balance accurately. Here, the test case scenarios encompass situations like partial refunds, service-specific cancellations, and total account cancellations. The testing CoE framework here also ensures that the system preserves data consistency and integrity across all pertinent systems and databases.

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  • Compliance with Applicable Regulatory Requirements

Ensuring that the OSS/BSS system aligns with mandatory regulatory requirements entails guaranteeing that the system abides by legal, technical, or operational regulations set forth by governing authorities. This could encompass adherence to data privacy rules, network security standards, and other sector-specific regulations. It’s crucial to ensure that the system gathers, stores, and transfers data in a manner that complies with the required regulations and standards.

  • Seamless Integration with Other Telecom Systems

Verifying that the OSS/BSS system integrates seamlessly with various other telecom systems entails examining their interoperability. This necessitates employing robust API testing services to test the interoperability between these diverse systems, which is crucial for them to function collectively without any glitches. The compatibility of APIs, data structures, and communication protocols used by each of these systems is verified to ensure their aptitude for accurate data exchange. Further, the process extends to evaluating the accuracy and timeliness of how the data flows among these different systems.

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The telecom industry continues to be shaped up by evolving customer expectations and technological advancements. An efficient and effective OSS/BSS system remains at the heart of these changes, managing a wide range of complex operations for telcos worldwide. From ensuring accurate customer data and managing various transactions simultaneously to protecting sensitive information and providing timely reports, the role of telco OSS/BSS systems is extensive and pivotal.

These systems have a significant influence on customer satisfaction, customer experience, regulatory compliance, revenue generation, and overall service quality. Therefore, the need for robust and comprehensive OSS/BSS testing CoE services cannot be overlooked. In fact, it needs to be a priority for telecom companies to ensure seamless and error-free operations.

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