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The telecom sector is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry that is at the forefront of technological innovation. With an ever-increasing range of new devices, the implementation of advanced networks like 5G and 6G, and the need for comprehensive IT solutions for corporate customers, telecom companies must continually innovate to meet customer demands. In this digital environment, the need for robust and reliable managed testing services is more critical than ever.

Telecom companies operate in a highly competitive market, aiming to provide a seamless and connected customer experience. They utilize a range of web and mobile apps to manage their services, making it essential that these platforms are functional, performance-centric, and user-friendly. This is where Avisys telecom testing CoE services come into play.

Overcoming QA Limitations with Avisys: The Importance of Telecom Testing

Problems in application quality can cause more damage than just delayed delivery and increased operational costs. They can lead to lost trust in the telco service provider, thus affecting business opportunities and user experience. Product engineering firms also face challenges due to lack of complete visibility into the testing process and the standards followed. These issues are compounded by limitations in capable supporting tools, tester expertise, and compliance adherence.

Avisys, with its dedicated teams, qualified partner support, and state-of-the-art performance testing services, becomes the answer for assured QA and application reliability. The Testing CoE framework at Avisys is a reflection of global standards in software testing, providing a structured approach to ensure quality for your enterprise’s products and services.

Avisys Testing CoE Framework: Structured Success through Quality Assurance

The CoE framework at Avisys is a combination of highly skilled people, distinguished processes, and future-ready technologies that form a structured governance for the CoE for Testing. This framework is built to provide a successful testing roadmap to ensure quality, leading to customer success.

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The approach to perfect software performance testing services at Avisys reflects the following phase:

  • Analyze and Setup: This involves analyzing and comprehending the product – its purpose, expectation gaps, and issues. Documentation for testing processes, KPIs, and tools are created based on this analysis. The overall milestones and the testing roadmap are determined, and cost and time estimates are defined accordingly. The TCoE attributes to be leveraged are identified, and software testing teams are assigned.

Comprehensive Testing Services under One Roof

Avisys offers a diverse range of testing services, ensuring every testing need is delivered under one roof. These managed testing services include:

  • Advanced Application Testing CoE Services: Ensuring quality with services such as non-functional testing services, service-oriented architecture (SOA), mobile testing, and service virtualization.
  • API Testing: Enhancing the functionality of your web and app with our automated API testing services to get intelligent, secure, and robust API solutions.
  • Managed Testing Services: Offering a diverse range of managed testing services like compatibility and usability testing services, vulnerability assessment, performance testing services, etc., under one roof as a managed testing services partner for telcos.
  • Mobile Application QA and Testing Services: Easing the development of mobile applications with a mobile-first assessment structure qualifying functionality, usability, compatibility, application performance, and security.
  • Usability Testing: Ensuring globally benchmarked application UX through our proven usability testing services.
  • Functional Testing: Ensuring that software is functioning according to the design specifications, including module and integration through functional testing services.
Application Testing

The Impact of Avisys Testing TCoE on Telcos

Avisys has a proven track record of resolving QA challenges, reducing reputational risks, improving quality, and enhancing cost efficiency. By partnering with Avisys, telcos can limit performance glitches and delays in go-to-market, avoid emergency releases of patch fixes, decrease the number of faults discovered later in the testing phase, and improve product performance against international benchmarks.

Moreover, Avisys helps improve product governance and compliance adherence, eliminate the need for prolonged testing phases, facilitate more active substantial test cycles, enable earlier detection of defects and optimized releases, and assure accurate resources.

The Avisys Team: Expertise at Your Service

The Avisys testing CoE team is composed of skilled individuals with deep domain expertise. We have proven experience in Telecom BSS OSS testing CoE framework, armed with deep expertise in Testing Tools, Process, and Test Management suites. The team of testing experts has areas of expertise across Telecom COTS Products: Siebel AIA, BRM, OSM, ASAP, ASAP, Macella, and ERP.


In the fast-paced and ever-evolving telecom sector, ensuring the quality and performance of software applications is paramount. Avisys, with its comprehensive managed testing services for telcos and proven approach, provides telecom companies with the assurance they need to deliver high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly applications.

With Avisys as your testing partner, you can overcome QA limitations, improve the quality and performance of your applications, and stay ahead in the competitive telecom market.

Take the first step towards assured QA and application reliability. Contact Avisys today and let us help you deliver excellence in your telecom services.

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